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Intelligent Lifting Device


Capacities: 80 to 600 kgs
Lift: Maximum

Features & Benefits:

Light Crane Mounted INTELLIGENT Lifting Device When precision, lifting power and speed are necessities, turn to NOVA patented  NOVAEASY
Intelligent Lifting Device. More precise than hoists, more responsive than air balancers, our light crane mounted NOVA’S units T M NOVAEASY
improve safety, productivity and quality, resulting in a direct increase to your bottom line.


• Higher capacities: available in 80, 160, 320 and 600kg capacities
• Faster speeds: maximum speeds up to 32 m/min
• More responsive performance: faster acceleration and deceleration
• Covering multiple work cells with one NOVAEASY
• Covering larger single work areas

• Automotive assembly (engines, transmissions, chassis components)
• Heavy equipment manufacturing
• Tool & die changeouts
• Natural gas & oil industry (valves, drilling components, etc)
• Repetitive lifting jobs
• Parts assembly
• Machining
• Process equipment maint 



Technical Data

echnical Data

Specification ELS-80N ELS-160N ESL-320N ESL-600N
Capacity 80kg 160kg 320kg 600kg
Lifting Speed 0-32m/min 0-32m/min 0-16m/min 0-8m/min
Hook Path 2m
Dia. of Rope 5mm
FEM Group 2m
Power Supply 220V/1Phase/50Hz
Control Voltage 24v
Motor Power 0.75kW 1.2kW 1.5kW 1.5kW
Duty Rating 100%
Weight 42kg

Remark: Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply



Model ELS-80N ELS-160N ESL-320N ESL-600N
A 230mm
B 358mm
C 240.5mm
D 550mm
E 598mm
F 200mm